If you've searched around looking for a new or used vehicle, auto dealerships are pretty short on inventory these days. While that can make upgrading to the right kind of car, truck or SUV a bit tricky, that also means it's a great time to sell your vehicle, and our Richmond, VA Volkswagen dealership is a great place for that transaction to happen. There are several great reasons to sell to us rather than to try to unload your car privately, and from there, you'll either be free to take our offer and use it as you please, or you can really find amazing value using your sold ride as a trade-in.

While selling your current vehicle probably means you need to upgrade to a new Volkswagen or used car – which we just said is harder these days due to vehicle shortages – using your older ride as a trade-in is a great way to go. You'll not only lower the cost of your next ride, but you'll lower the amount you need to finance, which leads to paying less on interest. You'll also spend less on sales taxes, so your trade-in really has a positive impact while reducing those added costs that aren't automatically factored into your next vehicle's price tag.

Of course if you're in a unique situation where you simply have an older yet quality vehicle that you're hoping to unload, you can sell to us with no obligation to buy here in Richmond. We'll go through a typical appraisal process and make you an offer. From there, you'll have a few days to accept or reject our offer, and should you take it, you'll be able to walk away with a check in your hand and cash that you can use for any kind of purpose.

See why selling to Brown's Volkswagen is the way to go and find great value for your older car.

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