If you pay any attention to the auto industry, even in passing, you know that things are changing, and in a big way. More manufacturers are focusing on long-term plans to shift from gas-powered cars to electric vehicles (EVs), and some are already available right now. That's what you'll find here at our Richmond, VA Volkswagen dealership, where our favorite brand, as expected, has been ahead of the game with one of the best EVs available. Of course we're talking about the stunning new Volkswagen ID.4, which provides a strong driving range, easy charging options and plenty of qualities that you'll love for your travels around Richmond and beyond.

Right now, making a big move from a traditional, gas-powered vehicle to an EV can seem risky. You may be limited in how long you can drive, and even where you can head. But with the Richmond area, and with more of the country, adding public charging stations, seemingly by the day, this will be a better way of getting around without burning fuel and releasing harmful emissions, and without being left to the whims of the ever-changing fuel prices that can be a hamper on drivers. Thankfully with the new VW ID.4, you'll enjoy around 250 miles of driving range on a full charge, and options to charge at home are easier than ever.

Another point of hesitation for moving on to an EV is the kind of driving experience you'll have. With Volkswagen designing its ID.4 to carry all sorts of amenities and tech features you'd expect in any vehicle, and with a style that's not too far off from traditional crossovers, you'll feel comfortable, safe and connected while enjoying the thriftiness from a premium EV.

Find out what the new ID.4 means as an EV by coming over to Brown's Volkswagen today.

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