Keep Your Volkswagen in Tip-Top Shape at Our Service Center in Richmond, VA

There's a lot that goes into making any Volkswagen Jetta, Golf or Tiguan, new or old, so special. High-end engineering, design work and innovative tech makes these models so unique and well-equipped to serve your everyday travels in and around Richmond, VA. But it's also that high-end nature of every Volkswagen that requires premium levels of maintenance and repair work when needed. That's just what you'll find with our service center here in Richmond, so schedule your next visit and bring your Atlas or Passat in for the experts to work on.



We handle it all at our Volkswagen service center. From routine maintenance work like oil and filter changes, tire rotations and general inspections, to major repairs on systems like your car's transmission, brakes and engine, nothing is out of question when you need work on your VW. You'll quickly see why we're Richmond's best spot for VW repairs and maintenance, as all our service techs are well-trained and highly qualified to work on any Jetta, Golf, Beetle or any other kind of VW.

You've probably rolled your eyes at least once reading this post, understanding that any visit to our service center will probably cost you. But we do handle all kinds of work covered by your Volkswagen's warranty, and for other appointments, use the regularly offered service specials to help you save.

Schedule your next visit, then bring your car into the service center at Brown's VW today so you can see the value of getting all kinds of maintenance and repair work completed by the experts here in Richmond.

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