The Brand New 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan Delivers a Third Row Roomy Enough for Two Adults

Drivers who are searching for a midsize SUV with a third row you can use outside of carpool with the kids are going to love the brand new 2018 Volkswagen Atlas. This is the very first year of production for the new midsize SUV, and already this innovative model is receiving lots of buzz for being incredibly stylish, technologically advanced, and perhaps most notably, incredibly versatile. This is thanks in part to the innovative design of the third row. Most adults shy away from sitting in the "way back" because most of the time, third rows in SUVs were created for people who are much smaller than the average adult, and only the kids in the family could really be comfortable. The 2018 VW Atlas will change your perception of the "way back!"

The second row of the 2018 Atlas comes standard with a 60/40-split while the third row comes standard with a 50/50 split; the second row also reclines and slides 7.7 inches back and forth which makes accessing the third row quick and easy. No longer will your passengers be fiddling with complicated seats or contorting themselves to climb in because the Atlas makes it easy. Once your passengers make their way to the third row, they'll be pleasantly surprised by how much space there is to spread out and get comfortable! Your adult passengers won't be riding with their knees at their chins in the third row, either, since it was designed to seat two adults comfortably with plenty of leg and head room. The split-folding seats also make reconfiguring your Atlas for large or bulky cargo a snap.

We're very excited to feature the all-new 2018 Volkswagen Atlas here at our dealership and invite you to stop by today for a test drive in this exceptional new three-row SUV!

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